Soros and Other Liberal Donors to Fund Bid to Spur Latino Voters

George Soros, the billionaire, and their liberal donors are yet to bankroll a new campaign to mobilize Latinos and other immigrants. The amount to be raised is expected to be over $15 million. This is a political outrage to channel out the rhetoric politician Donald J. Trump. The mission is to surge many votes for candidates under the democratic movement calendar. While people criticize this action, it is set to be the largest voter-turnout effort in the history of America. They have put in place strategies to ensure that the immigrants and Latinos are devoted to voting on Forbes. Most of the money will be spent throughout organizations based in Florida, Colorado, and Nevada states. Most of the funds will be directed to Latinos and Asian Immigrants. As a matter of fact, these states have the highest number of Latinos and Asian Immigrants.

The outreach, which is coordinated by Super PAC, is calling upon all immigrant voters to set an example in voting. The goal of the project was to help persuade a significant number of Latinos to turn out in voting and turn them to vote for Democratic candidates. According to soros’ predictions, they are expecting to get over 400,000 votes from this project.

The President of the Latino Victory Project, Cristobal Alex, said that this would take off the gloves. The Latino Victory Project is another Democratic movement that advocates for democratic voters and political candidates on While Donald Trump pretends to be on our side, he attacked us calling us thieves and rapists. The country is on the precipice.

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The partisan gap among the Democrats is reducing. This is a worrying situation. For the great members of the Democrat communities to do something, they had to develop a strategy to save the situation. Before everything else was done, they decided that Donald Trump was not to be president of America.

According to the Democrat Latinos, they blame President Obama for not taking down his promises of immigration policies. For this reason, millions of voters have fled the group and joined the rival Republicans. A group financed by the Koch brothers, led by Libre Initiative, will spend more than $10 million in more than 30 states in the country. While stirring up angry counteraction on the right, both campaigns are unfolding the surging demographic that reorders presidential politics.

For George Soros, this effort will represent a return to a multi-million political spending. He has already bankrolled over $5 million to PAC foundation. When he failed to bankroll a political movement in 2004, George Bush won the elections. Therefore, he is set to do all he can to make things right this time. For us, the 2004 elections serve as a lesson. His donation as exceeded $13 million over the last six months. See: