Securus Technologies Acquires JPay Company for Unparalleled Growth

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of the technology solution that is intended to modernize the incarceration experience. For more than two decades of professional experience, the company is seeking better business solutions in a manner that depicts their leadership role in the industry. Because they have always sustained the technology needs by the incarceration experience, Securus Technologies is regarded as the best company in this industry. This is why the inmate industry can not abort their services. The solutions provided by Securus Technologies go a long way in fostering safety and improving investigations for the police in the country.


JPay and Securus team up to provide digitized payments and communication in the inmate industry. JPay is one of the leading companies that provide digital payment solutions for the inmate industry. The company has served a managed capability to develop animated business solutions for those seeking advanced ticket solutions in the world. Few companies have accelerated in business with the same level of JPay Company. JPay Company also operates its business in more than 30 correctional facilities in and out of the United States. When you look at that statistic, it is evident that the two companies are looking forward to accepting their incredible solutions.


The union of JPay Company to will form one of the strongest technology companies in the world. Securus Company is also looking forward to becoming the fastest growing company in the country. This is why they are seeking achieved management capabilities in a manner that is looking forward to developing their intended needs in society. The transaction to purchase JPay Company will also be recorded as one of the turns Securus Technologies made to increase their worth in the world of technology. Securus Technologies now has all they need to become a leading provider of technology solutions in the world.


Securus Corrects Inaccuracies in Global Tel Link’s (GTL) Press Release

Secures Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for the correctional market for investigation, public safety, monitoring, and Corrections has issued a set of corrections to the Global Tel Limited Company press release.


Global Tel Limited’s press release contained numerous statements which Securus Technologies finds to be clearly inaccurate and misleading. According to Securus Technologies, the purposes of the press release provide clarification and correct of the numerous incorrect claims made by GTL.


GTL Allegation #1: the recent decision on the US Patent Appeals and Trials Board of the company’s US patent number 7,256,816 permit GTLto come forward with their fourth PTAB-validated patent that looks for damages and injunctions against Securus Technologies in the pending lawsuits in the federal court of Texas.


Securus Correction #1: Because the federal court-case in Texas has stayed, GTL has no power to seek relief to look for the District Court pursuit. Concerning their claim about “PTAB-validated, Securus has moved forward to re-hear the case. For this reason, GTL can seek damages and injunction as claimed.


Rick A. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Securus Technologies, Inc., said that GTL is aware that patent litigations span to over five years. Therefore, the costs associated with this claim can amount to millions of dollars. Therefore, it is now clear that their litigation does not make sense regarding the best interests of the company. However, Securus is committed to continuing defending both the attacks and themselves. For as long as it is necessary to correct GTL, the company will be doing so while asserting their patents. GTL has portrayed lack of experience and maturity on this matter


In response to the latest releases from GTL, Richard said that he is happy to reinstitute the brake-off technology challenge with GTL at any time.



Securus Technologies Leading a Revolution with the ConnectUs Automated Inmate Forms

A leading civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider Securus Technologies announced the impact the implementation of the Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs was bringing to its customers, saving them time and money.
Russell Roberts, Securus’ Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, indicated the company’s commitment to incessantly providing technological solutions for their customers. He intimated that the Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs is an example of the steps taken to modernize their services to their customers using the latest, most efficient technologies.
Correctional officers dedicate a lot of valuable time to processing the various inmate requests such as sign up forms, grievances, handbook acceptance forms and medical forms in hard copy. Time spent on collecting, copying, filing among other processes is significantly reduced using this technology.
The new application allows for custom forms for any request to be easily created and availed to inmates. There is no printing involved and thus changing a form is easy and takes just minutes. On average, Securus automates and processes 13.8 forms per month per inmate. The valuable time and efforts saved on the corrections staff can be channeled to other duties, and more focus can be put on safety and security.
The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application also benefits the inmates, as the self-service access to forms enables them to view the status of forms, allowing them to accept or appeal them.
Securus Technologies is a prison technology company founded in 1986. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and has regional offices in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. 2,600 correctional facilities have contracts with Securus Technologies. The company employs about 1000 people and serves over 1,200,000 inmates across North America. According to Wikipedia, Securus Technologies has invested over $600 million in technologies, patents, and acquisitions since 2013. The company provides numerous services to the correctional facilities and is committed to serving.