Bridget Scarr – A Shining Example of Passion for Entertainment

Bridget Scarr is a creative genius. She is a singer and songwriter, a writer and an executive producer for Colibri studios in London UK. According to her self-titled website outside of Television projects, she can typically be found writing her first novel as well as her first album. Bridget is college educated at Rhodes University. Here she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in drama. She also majored in English, journalism, politics, music, and psychology.


Bridget got her start in television production when she became the production manager for Urban Brew Studios in April of 2005. Urban Brew Studios is based out of Johannesburg South Africa. Bridget has since held the title of TV Producer at Primary Films and Bite Animation, Co-Founder, Financial Producer and Head of Production at Zero Point Studios, and Partner and Managing Director at Pollen Creative Media. This has all lead up to her current position at Colibri Studios.


In a recent article with ideamensch, Bridget discussed how Colibri Studios came to be, what her typical day consists of, trends that excite her and much more. Let’s take a look at what she had to say so we can learn more about Bridget and her current endeavors!


Bridget is a fan of taking a timeout as well as meditation to keep her creative spirit alive and blossoming. She often starts her day with meditation but can often be found taking a timeout throughout the day whether it be to play with her son, find inspiration or to simply connect with the world through nature. According to Bridget taking these timeouts is one of the best habits that she has that allows her to be a more productive entrepreneur.


Aside from being the executive producer of Colibri Studios Bridget is also the brains behind its inception. With an urgent need for a career shift and to take her creative ideation to the next level Colibri Studios was born so as to allow Bridget to join together creative content of all types. Some of the content creation she envisioned and has brought to life under Colibri Studios includes virtual reality projects, augmented reality projects, digital content and exhibition projects to name a few. When it comes to having a dream and fulfilling it, Bridget should be a shining example for us all.


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