Roberto Santiago the Self-Made Billionaire

Roberto Santiago is a self-made billionaire who operates in the Brazilian economy. Unlike most people who make it to the billionaire status, Roberto was not handed his wealth on a silver platter. He worked his way from the very bottom of the ladder to the top. Since he had no idea that he would end up in business, Roberto tried his hands on different career lines among them children literature and the movie industry. Similarly, he tried blog posts, motorsports, and bawling.

Roberto in the Mall Industry

Currently, Roberto is a renowned entrepreneur and investor, operating in the mall industry. Roberto owns the Manaira Shopping Mall, which is located in the heart of Brazil, serving the entire Brazilian population. Asked what his vision was as he set up the mall, Roberto says that he desired to provide a venture that would offer all products under one roof. Roberto did not want his customers to leave Manaira because they could not get some of their needs met. He believed that customer satisfaction is increased when all their needs are met under one roof. To suit the objective, he ensures that the mall has all products and services in its different outlets.

One of the key features in Manaira is the art industry, which is well represented in the different sectors. There are casinos and theaters, state-of-the-art cinema halls and auditoriums, gaming and betting areas, casinos, and parks within the mall. At the same time, there are food boutiques where people can eat as much as they desire in the mall. Additionally, there are many beauty spots, spas, saunas and massage centers where people just relax and have fun. At the same time, there are banking sectors, colleges, car dealers, among other service providers.

What Sets the Manaira Mall Apart?

Roberto asked all service providers within the Manaira Mall to offer excellent services that cannot be accessed anywhere else in Brazil. Consequently, each of the service providers is expected to adhere to the quality standards or be replaced with another one. Roberto says that quality in Manaira is not compromised since the customers must receive the best from the mall.

Similarly, Manaira is a state-of-the-art facility that utilizes the latest technology in its construction. Luxury is also the middle name of the mall since all sections in the mall offer luxurious facilities. Roberto stated that he wants the customers to have an out-of-this-world experience once they visit the mall.

Roberto’s Core Values

Roberto says that his two core values are hard work and discipline. Hard work is essential in achieving the goals, which he sets while discipline is necessary for saving money for expansion. He says most modern businesspeople lack the necessary discipline and always incur losses.