Up-Close With Cotemar: A Prominent Mexican Oil Company with an Eye for Sustainability

Cotemar is a Mexican company that has gained immense recognition in the petroleum industry. Their commitment to developing offshore oil fields, providing accommodation and construction services as well as transportation of materials and personnel is unrivaled in Mexico. As a reputable entity, the company has pulled all the stops to ensure it provides high-quality services to clients.

With over three decades of experience, Cotemar has learned numerous tips on how to survive in the competitive oil industry. Their unwavering dedication has earned them an excellent professional relationship with Petroleos Mexicanos. Diversity and creativity are essential in dominating the industry. It is to no surprise that Cotemar expands its services courtesy of a highly skilled work crew. See: http://cotemar.com.mx/

Services Offered

Cotemar specializes in three essential services that have yielded unimaginable profits over the decades. Such amenities revolve around food & lodging services on cotemar.com, the engineering, construction and maintenance of modern equipment and the provision of specialized marine boats. The latter consists of an impressive fleet of customized vessels that facilitate the transfer of personnel and materials between work sites. Such boats are equipped with GPS tracking and dynamic positioning systems to provide constant monitoring.

The food and lodging services are a marvel to behold, as guests are treated to tantalizing meals prepared by leading chefs worldwide on Indeed. The menu consists of seafood and land dishes to meet the different tastes of customers. Apart from the remarkable wining and dining, guests can retreat to luxurious cabins and unwind for the night.

Cotemar has pulled all the stops to ensure that their workers work under optimum conditions. Such a policy entails the rehabilitation and maintenance of processing centers at various designated areas on kompass.com. With their presence, employees can efficiently execute tasks from the assembly points and relay information to their respective supervisors. The availability of semi-submersible platforms has come in handy in the transportation of bulky materials.

Sustainability Obligations

The enterprise operates on four broad principles to promote occupational and environmental sustainability. Such policies are based on community participation, Quality of life, Environment and Business Ethics. The latter entails all measures that adhere to transparency, accountability, integrity and confidentiality. Such measures are fundamental in the provision of services.

Community participation is a major prerequisite for sustainable development. Cotemar has embraced the local community by providing them with most of the jobs and developing several social amenities. The Quality of Life is best enforced by the enactment of occupational health and safety programs at the workplace. Lastly, the environment is given top priority courtesy of ecological preservation practices.