The Incredible and Ongoing Success of Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is an individual who has not only raised the bar for his own personal success but has also raised the bar for the resort industry as a while. his work with Sun Valley Resort has been impactful not only to the resort itself but has also been very impactful to the local community as well. Andy Wirth has recently been appointed as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This goes to show the pull that Wirth has in the local community. His opinions are very highly valued in the world of local government.

Wirth has been working his way to the top in the resort industry for 25 years. He has overseen resorts during reconstruction and acquisition processes. Wirth paid the price to become the great individual in the resort industry today. With a Bachelor’s in Science, Wirth gained the education needed in order to succeed in the world of business. The mountains are very familiar to Wirth. As a backcountry ranger in the Rocky Mountain Wilderness Area, Wirth found a great love for the outdoors that drove him closer to his current career.

In 2010, Wirth was appointed CEO at Squaw Valley Resort. Squaw Valley Resort was due to undergo nearly $70 million worth of upgrades. Wirth helped to direct the leadership in a way that was most beneficial for the environment and local economy in the Squaw valley. Squaw Valley quickly became recognized as one of the top resorts in the nation due to the new leadership that Wirth brought to the table. The new upgrades greatly impacted the customer satisfaction of guests who chose to stay at this newly updated resort.

Andy has also impressed many with his ability to overcome obstacles in his personal life. During a routine skydiving trip, Wirth lost control of his parachute during his descent. This caused him to crash into a wire fence in a vineyard which severed his arm. Wirth finally regained the use of his arm after many painful surgeries and physical therapy sessions. Instead of buckling under the pressure, Wirth decided to push through and use this opportunity to become stronger.