Talk Fusion Scores as Best Communications Product

Talk Fusion has become the ultimate all-in-one solution for marketing and communication. Bob Reina is confident that his company has something that can be very beneficial to people from all different walks of life. He shared his passion about the product line that he has with ABC Action News.

Reina is the CEO of the company that started from a single idea. He wanted to send a video to his mother many years ago through email, but the file was too big. At the time Bob, a law enforcement officer, was told by his Internet service provider that it was not possible to send such a large file by way of email. He would not let this deter him from doing so. Instead, he would get with a friend that was in technology and come up with a way to build a platform for video email.

This is would be the flagship software solution that was sold by Talk Fusion, but the company would expand even further with video chat and real-time conferencing solutions. It was a bold step for Bob Reina to take because he had already earned a degree in law enforcement. Technology was not something that he had given any serious thought to as a career. It was the problem that he encountered that made him look at everything in a different light. He was able to see the benefits of moving his company beyond the video email into other avenues as the company grew. Reina realized that this would be beneficial to more than home users that wanted to send videos through email. He also realized that small, medium and large companies could employ this technology for marketing purposes.

This is one of the top software companies in the United States and beyond. All of this is a result of a problem that Reina sought a solution for. He is being held as one of the most successful leaders in the video communication era. There are other companies out there that are providing similar services, but Talk Fusion has managed to become the all-in-one solution leader.