Eric Pulier – An Inspirational Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. Interestingly, his entrepreneurial endeavors are different in the sense that he likes to build initiatives that can solve one of our society’s immediate needs. Perhaps, the difference in his personality was evident as early as a fourth grade student. While in fourth grade, Eric started to program computers. His yearning for technology remained strong when majoring in English and Literature from Harvard University because Eric also took computer classes at the nearby MIT.

Perhaps, it was his knowledge of different subjects that made him realize that entrepreneurship is not about generating profits, only. In fact, community is a big shareholder in modern entrepreneurial ventures. Therefore, his first company out of the College was “People Doing Things”, which addressed issues related to education, healthcare and technology. Later, Eric also founded Starbright World, which is a private social network for children with chronic illness. It is interesting to note that the Starbright project was initiated at a stage when Internet was only in its infancy. At the time, such projects were considered a major undertaking as children could share their stories, emotions, and also chat with each other.

His knack for technology and philanthropic activities caught the eye of high-profile government officials. As a result, Eric Pulier was asked to manage Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. called “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. Later, his expertise were also asked for various healthcare and technology projects started during the former Vice President Al-Gore’s tenure. In Fact, Eric remains a strong supporter and activist for Clinton Global Initiative.

Eric is also an author. As such, he is a former writer for Harvard Crimson Weekly. Apart from his professional commitment, Eric has donated millions of dollars in funding prominent startups. Actually, he is the brainchild behind 15 major venture capital firms. Currently, he sits in the innovation board of the X-Prize Foundation, which seeks to solve humanities most important challenges. His desire to help children with chronic disease has not diminished as Eric Pulier also plays an active part in the summer camp, Painted Turtle, for children with chronic illness.