Diversant Continues to Paint a Bright Future for the Underprivileged

Diversant is a thriving information technology hub that strongly believes in creativity and innovation as the two effective answers for problem solving. Using their IT expertise, and years of experience, Diversant penetrates both local and international markets creating strong ties and a competitive edge for their clients.

Diversant was launched by a team of visionaries who saw the bigger picture before everyone else. They believed the minority group has a voice, especially in the white-dominated IT world. The minority-owned business enterprise is operated by a team of African-Americans who aim to provide the best in technology solutions to their clients.

Currently, Diversant does a brilliant job in IT staffing and recommending the ‘best of the best’ to companies looking for new recruits. Whether it’s a recruit to join the junior staff, subordinate group or the elite board team, Diversant knows where to find the crème in the society. They ensure each individual they recommend has a brilliant reputation: respect to colleagues, ethical practices at work, disciplined and an engaging team player. Above all, the team at Diversant believes in diversity at the workplace, and each day strives to promote equal opportunity in every corporate environment they work in.

Giving Back

Besides giving the best to their IT clients, Diversant is also engaged in various community services to those without opportunities in the local community. They have partnered with groups like Program for Acceleration in Careers of Engineering (PACE) to help prepare high school students for tech and engineering opportunities at the campus level. Diversant has also partnered with Harlem Business Alliance to restore the economic essence that once made the city of Harlem thrive. More projects that have received Diversant’s support include the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and the Black Data Processing Association.

John Goullet

Among the brilliant minds that push the success of Diversant as an IT firm is John Goullet who serves as the chairman and Principal at the firm. Mr. Goullet started out with his own firm, Info Technologies Inc, which helped him understand the IT corporate climate and how effective IT staffing can help improve the said client.

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